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Vaginal rejuvenation, which includes several procedures designed to improve the appearance and functioning of your vaginal area, is becoming more and more popular. In fact, the number of these operations performed jumped by nearly 40% in a single year. If you don’t like the way your genitals look or if you’re experiencing pain, call or make an appointment online today at My OB/GYN Specialists in Miami to find out more about modern cosmetic plastic gynecology.

Vaginal Dryness Q & A

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is the umbrella term used for several surgical interventions performed to decrease the size of your vaginal canal and opening by removing tissue, tightening muscles, remodeling your perineal body, and correcting vaginal prolapse or pelvic floor defects.

What are the different types of vaginal rejuvenation?

Different types of vaginal rejuvenation include:


When a labiaplasty is performed, the doctor reduces the length of your labia minora so that they don't hang below your hair-bearing labia majora to minimize asymmetry. Labiaplasty also shortens the length of both labia so that they no longer twist, tug, or fall out of your bathing suit.


The doctor uses clitoral hood reduction or hoodoplasty to remove excess folds in your clitoral hood that create a bulge. Hoodoplasty usually gets done along with a labiaplasty and helps improve the balance in the appearance of your genitalia.

Labia majoraplasty

Labia majoraplasty surgically reduces the size of your outer, hair-bearing labia majora because they’re too large, hang down, and feel uncomfortable or embarrassing.


A monsplasty procedure reduces bulging in your mons, the round mound of fatty tissue with hair that covers your pubic bone. To do so, the doctor removes both fat and skin.


If you choose vaginoplasty or posterior colporrhaphy, at My OB/GYN Specialists, the doctor tightens your vagina using MonaLisa Touch®. Vaginoplasty brings the separated muscles of your vagina together. The doctor also removes the extra mucosa skin from the back side of your vagina. Vaginoplasty enables you to wear tampons without them falling out and corrects sexual dysfunction.

Why choose vaginal rejuvenation?

Women choose vaginal rejuvenation for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Some women feel self-conscious about their labia peeking out through their underwear or a bathing suit, while others feel physical discomfort when wearing specific pants, during sex, and during sports.

Most women seeking vaginal rejuvenation want to feel more comfortable in intimate situations and when wearing form-fitting body garments. If this describes you, call or make an appointment online today with a doctor at My OB/GYN Specialists in Miami to find out more about the different options available.