Postpartum Care & Depression


Postpartum Care

  • After delivery, you will spend 1 – 4 nights in the hospital. Your milk will start to come in 2-3 days after delivery.
  • We will see you in the office 6 weeks after your delivery for a postpartum exam, as well as 2 weeks postpartum following a Cesarean delivery.


Postpartum Depression 

  • Postpartum blues may begin approximately 2-3 days after childbirth. You may start to feel anxious, depressed or angry, start crying for no reason or have trouble sleeping, eating, or making decisions. These feeling may come and go, and usually resolve on their own within 1 – 2 weeks without treatment.
  • Postpartum Depression may be a problem if these symptoms become severe, especially if inhibiting your ability to care for yourself or the baby, or if symptoms last more than 2 weeks.
    • Postpartum depression may occur up to 1 year after childbirth, but usually begins approximately 1 – 3 weeks after delivery.
    • Treatment may require counseling or medication.

Please call for an appointment as soon as possible and do not wait for your next scheduled visit.

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