Labor and Delivery Care


We deliver babies at the main Baptist Hospital on Kendall Drive in Miami. Prior to delivery, please pre-register at the hospital website: → Type “maternity” in the search bar. The first link is the Maternity Preregistration Form.

When to come to the hospital: 

  • Regular contractions which are becoming closer together and stronger. For the first baby, try to wait at home until the contractions are strong and are at least 4-5 minutes apart.
  • If you think your water broke. Sometimes it is a big gush, and other times it is less obvious.
  • If you have moderate vaginal bleeding. Some bleeding may be normal after an exam in the office.
  • You are concerned the baby is not moving as often as normal.
  • Our primary goal is for you to have a safe, healthy and successful pregnancy and delivery. We always strive toward vaginal deliveries when possible, and our physicians all perform cesarean deliveries or vacuum-assisted vaginal deliveries when appropriate.


How to manage pain during labor: 

  • Concentrate on breathing techniques for relaxation
  • Have a support person rub your back or your feet. A tennis ball can be useful for massage.
  • A support person may be your partner, other family member, or a close friend. We are also happy to work with many doulas in the area and can give you a recommendation if desired. A doula is here to offer physical and emotional support during childbirth.
  • Change positions often. Dancing or walking can be helpful during labor. You can bring an inflatable birthing ball to the hospital.
  • There are 2 labor rooms at Baptist Hospital which have tubs, where you can labor in water if desired and safe for your pregnancy. Please discuss with us if you are interested in this option.
  • Epidural anesthesia is another option to manage pain. With this options, you will be numb from the waist down. Once placed, the effect will last until delivery.
  • Remember, each labor is unique and unpredictable. If you plan to deliver without an epidural, do your best to prepare ahead of time. Though you will never be pressured to accept medication for pain relief, know that you reserve the right to change your mind at any time.


Vaginal deliveries, Cesarean sections, and Vaginal Births After Cesareans (VBACs)

  • The majority of full-term pregnancies result in a vaginal delivery. The best thing you can do to increase your likelihood of a vaginal delivery is Exercise throughout pregnancy. This will promote healthy weight gain and improve overall fitness
  • A Cesarean section is often indicated and can be scheduled ahead of time. However many times an indication for Cesarean delivery is determined during the labor process.
  • A TOLAC is a Trial of Labor After Cesarean and a VBAC is a successful Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. Please discuss with us to see if you are a candidate for a TOLAC.
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