Fetal Monitoring

  • Keep note of how often you feel fetal movements. If it is “normal” for your baby, great! You do not need to count movements daily if it seems normal compared to what you have experienced thus far.
  • Kick count testing: If you are concerned about the number of movements felt at any time, please pay attention. Have something to eat or drink a glass of ice water. Sit in a quiet place or lay on your left side with your hands on your abdomen. Count the movements – whether strong or weak, each movement you feel counts the same. If you feel at least 5 movements over the next hour, you can be reassured. If you do not feel any movements when doing this test, please come to be evaluated either at the office or the hospital!
  • A nonstress test monitors the fetal heart rate over a period of time. A monitor is gently strapped to the abdomen to detect and record the fetal heart while you are in a reclining position. The test takes approximately 20 minutes.
  • A nonstress test is performed in the office to monitor the fetal well being when indicated. This may be done in conjunction with an ultrasound.
  • At each prenatal visit, we will listen to the fetal heart rate either with ultrasound or a handheld doppler machine.
  • External monitoring of the fetal heart rate will be performed during labor at the hospital to ensure the baby tolerates the labor process safely.
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